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Why Feed Raw Food to your Pet

Why Feed a Raw Diet to your Cat or Dog

10 Reasons to Feed Species Apropriate Raw Foods:

  • Shiny Skin and Coat
  • Improved Digestion
  • Smaller less smelly Poo
  • Pets Love them
  • Less Itching and Scratching
  • Cleaner Teeth and Gums - Gently and Naturally
  • Less Gas and Odour - Farts and Gastric Dilation
  • More Energy
  • Easier to Control Weight
  • Improved Joint Health
Honey's Research Paper

Heavy reading perhaps but this will help show you why you should consider raw and that a raw food diet can be balanced and complete.
Read more on our site to see how you can easily achieve this - it is not dificult. The vested interests of the pet food industry would have you believe it is.
I was a vet in General Practice in the late 90's when I started to introduce are feeding. Why because of the health benefits I saw and still see in my patients. As an Holistic vet it is one of the first changes I recommend to clients
Dr Graham Hines MRCVS
Cats and dogs are carnivores primarily. They have evolved to eat their prey including the bones, skin and gut contents. They are not designed to eat an omnivorous diet like their guardians us humans and will not do as well on this food. Try it and you will be convinced.
Now a word from some other veterinary surgeons:

Why Vets think Raw is best:

Here is a colleague of ours view on Raw Feeding

Articles - Further Reading

Three more leading Holistic Vets and their views:
Processed Pet Foods: Biologically Inappropriate for Pets

Dr Karen Becker DVM

A Skeptic's Guide to Raw Food

Dr Nick Thompson MRCVS

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