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Our Productsand Suppliers

Raw Food Suppliers

A little about our main suppliers


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Betsy's Raw Feed

Fresh, human grade meat is processed in our DEFRA approved kitchen with every single tub being hand-prepared. We keep raw feeding simple and follow the 80/10/10 ratio (you can read more about that in our starter guide).

We’re keen to do our bit for this beautiful planet we live on, so all our tubs are bio-degradable, our sleeves are recyclable and better yet all our delivery packaging is re-usable and recyclable you will not find any plastic here!

Betsy’s game mix 300g complete £2.50

Betsy’s venison&duck complete 300g £2.00

Betsy’s beef complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s pork complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s chicken & Tripe Complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s Lamb Complete 500g £3.20

(prices may vary from those shown - see the shop for up to date prices)

Betsy's Website

Jasper's Choice

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Hi, my name's Jasper and I love my owners.  I show them all the time - wagging my tail, bringing back balls and occasionally singing on demand (but only when they've been really good!).
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I'm also very particular when it comes to telling them what I like to eat - and being part Husky (62.5% to be precise!) I'm stubborn when it comes to agreeing what counts as a treat.

As a result of their careful research and my expert nose, all of my treats are guaranteed to be natural - no added grain, coloring or preservatives that could upset your dog's constitution, just air-dried goodness.
Give your dog a choice - make it Jasper's Choice.

Jasper's Website

Durham Animal Feeds

Durhams Animal Feeds
Durham Animal Feeds (DAF) is a family owned and operated business, currently and proudly in its third generation. From its original inception in 1969, DAF has worked hard to earn its reputation as a company right at the forefront of its industry.

DAF natural pet foods have been developed with nothing added and nothing taken away, working closely with the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to ensure that all the products are of the highest possible standard and that all ingredients are ethically sourced.
To ensure that Durham Animal Feeds customers get the best possible price and value, simple clear, transparent, sealed and fully recyclable (where facilities allow) packaging is used for the products, DAF is not only a company which cares about the health and wellbeing of pets but is also conscientious about the environment.

DAF's Website
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Raw Paw

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Raw Paw is …. no fuss or frills, it’s what it says on the van….
  • Premium raw dog food.
  • The closest you can get to a dog’s natural diet.
  • Locally prepared, packaged & delivered by hand.
  • 100% Natural.

Prepared, packaged & sold
in and around
the Ribble Valley and from our Aintree store
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This is Jenson. Those of you who follow Raw Paw on social media will be familiar with the curly ginger mascot. Jenson has been raw fed from a pup and has eaten Raw Paw since the very first batch was created, obviously!

Antos Treats

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Natural Treats and Chews

Now, more than 30 years later the Antos-thought adjusts perfectly in the current trend of awareness about nutrition. Consumers demand high standards regarding pet food for their dogs or cats. Antos therefore responds alertly to the requirements of owners and pets. New products are developed in many varieties and sizes for all dogs and cats, whether large or small.
Our products are manufactured on a worldwide basis according to Antos recipes. All production facilities are subject to continued quality controls.
Our large network of international manufacturers enables us to offer an unparalleled diversity of products.

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The Raw Factory

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The Raw Factory, based in Falkirk, are specialists in Natural and Raw Dog Food and Treats. We manufacture all our products under our own brand name these are manufactured in our state of the art production facility right here in Central Scotland.
All their meat is sourced locally from quality suppliers, are committed to a raw meat diet, only providing products "which they are happy to serve to their own dogs and cats".

As supporters of natural raw feeding, a diet of raw meat and bones is nutritionally superior than that of commercially produced dog food, which is highly processed leading to a loss in essential ingredients your animal needs.
Our delivery runs offer delivery services throughout central Scotland, Edinburgh and the Borders and into Northern England in a temperature controlled freezer van which can freeze down to -21.
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Established in 2013, Nutriment has revolutionised the world of raw feeding. With complete dedication to Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) and a commitment to animal health and happiness, the team at Nutriment is unreservedly passionate about bringing raw feeding solutions to dogs and cats around the world.

Their fundamental principle is absolute quality, which is the highest priority for everything that we do here at Nutriment. From ingredient selection to recipe formulation, production processes to distribution and customer service, our stringent quality standards must be met at every step.
They sell ranges for dogs with chronic illnesses such as a low purine diet which we can order in should your vet prescribe them.
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Paleo Ridge

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Paleo Ridge Raw is an Award-winning family run working dog food business based rural Hampshire.

The Paleo Way:

For my own dogs I insist on ethical, organic, wild and / or free range food where possible. Grass fed meat is higher in many important nutrients and is less intensively reared.
I will never sell anything that I would not feed my own dogs.

Sharon Daly Founder Paleo Ridge

A tremendous amount of research and nutritional analysis has gone into each and every product in the range and as a base they hit Fediaf nutritional requirements, but every product in the Paleo Plus range goes far beyond this…
By feeding your Dog Paleo Plus Raw Dog Food, you can ensure:
• You are feeding the most advanced raw nutritional formulas on the market today
• You are also protecting the environment by buying a product that comes in compostable packaging, printed with vegetable inks and is delivered in eco-friendly boxes 
• You are only feeding high welfare ingredients; Grass fed beef, Organic Chicken and Outdoor Reared Pork to name a few. 
• Paleo Plus is unique in its formulation and we’re proud to say it’s the same coarse cut texture you expect from Paleo Ridge
Paleo Plus offers the next generation of Raw Dog Food

Just Natural

Just natural raw pet food

Just Natural is synonymous with first-class raw pet foods. We have an extensive range of raw foods, which all meet stringent manufacturing quality and veterinary standards.

"Our reputation is second to none.  All our raw materials are human grade, sourced from EEC approved abattoirs and cutting plants.

We always aim high for your beloved pets, and we never miss !
Whats available in the Just Natural range"

 All products are produced from exactly the same high quality human grade meats and poultry and were developed after extensive feed testing.  All products below are available from stock.

We have split our range into three categories. Free flow Minced frozen food, Chunks and Natural treats
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