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Our Productsand Suppliers

Raw Food Suppliers

Batsys Raw Logo

Betsy's Raw Feed

Fresh, human grade meat is processed in our DEFRA approved kitchen with every single tub being hand-prepared. We keep raw feeding simple and follow the 80/10/10 ratio (you can read more about that in our starter guide).

We’re keen to do our bit for this beautiful planet we live on, so all our tubs are bio-degradable, our sleeves are recyclable and better yet all our delivery packaging is re-usable and recyclable you will not find any plastic here!

Betsy’s game mix 300g complete £2.50

Betsy’s venison&duck complete 300g £2.00

Betsy’s beef complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s pork complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s chicken & Tripe Complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s Lamb Complete 500g £3.20

(prices may vary from those shown - see the shop for up to date prices)

Natures Best Raw Logo

Natures Best Raw

A local supplier based in Formby:

At Natures Best Raw they use only the best cuts of meats for your pet food. There are cheap imitation meats used as a substitute in many pet foods, manufacturers want to cut costs to impress their investors and trade partners alike. We owe our pets better and strive to take natural raw food back to how it was before we substituted our pets health for cheap imitations. All our products are 100% traceable and contain no grains or fillers.
We do not use cheap fillers to bulk up meat cuts as we have seen over the years. A little food for thought for all the pet owners who love and cherish their animals as much as we do.

Complete Meals per 500g from £1.00

(prices may vary from those shown - see the shop for up to date prices
Durhams Animal Feeds

DAF Durham Animal Feeds

Durham Animal Feeds (DAF) is a family owned and operated business, currently and proudly in its third generation. From its original inception in 1969, DAF has worked hard to earn its reputation as a company right at the forefront of its industry.

DAF natural pet foods have been developed with nothing added and nothing taken away, working closely with the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), to ensure that all the products are of the highest possible standard and that all ingredients are ethically sourced.
To ensure that Durham Animal Feeds customers get the best possible price and value, simple clear, transparent, sealed and fully recyclable (where facilities allow) packaging is used for the products, DAF is not only a company which cares about the health and wellbeing of pets but is also conscientious about the environment.
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