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Raw Treat Pet Food Company

Nature's Best Raw

Betsys raw feed

A DEFRA registered supplier from Aberystwyth in Mid Wales
All supplied in 500g bags
Generally Contain a balanced 80% meat, 10% bone and 10% offal of which 5% is liver. This complete meat gives the dog the perfect balance in every meal.

DEFRA no 55/276/8563/ABP/PTF
500gm Packets of Pet Minces

always in stock:

Chicken £1.00

And all the below for £1.30

Beef and Tripe

Duck and Lamb



Also Available to order:

Turkey and Tripe
Chicken and Tripe
Chicken and Beef
Chicken and Lamb
Buck and Beef

Wild boar
Beef & heart (no bone)
Minced beef heart (no bone)
Minced Oily Fish

Non Minces -

Chicken: Necks,

Neck pieces
Spine pieces
Turkey Necks
Duck Necks

Tripe Chunks
Beef and Lamb

See the Shop pages for Prices and stock levels.
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Complete Meals per 500g

Chicken £1.00
Beef £1.10
Chicken and Beef £1.10
Salmon £1.30
Pork £1.10
Betsys Raw Feed
Fresh, human grade meat is processed in our DEFRA approved kitchen with every single tub being hand-prepared. We keep raw feeding simple and follow the 80/10/10 ratio (you can read more about that in our starter guide).
We’re keen to do our bit for this beautiful planet we live on, so all our tubs are bio-degradable, our sleeves are recyclable and better yet all our delivery packaging is re-usable and eco-friendly; you won’t find any plastic here!
Betsy’s game mix 300g complete £2.50

Betsy’s venison&duck complete 300g £2.00

Betsy’s beef complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s pork complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s chicken & Tripe Complete 500g £2.50

Betsy’s Lamb Complete 500g £3.20

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