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Food Intolerances and Itching

One of the commonest reasons a dog in particular is taken into the veterinary clinic is allergies to either certain proteins in foods or more often dusts, pollens and mites irritating the skin.

Why these problems are more common than they used to be we are not sure and there are many theories. I my experience, changing the diet can bring a dramatic improvement in time.

Recent theories show the gut microbiome has a get part to play in this. This is the amount and type of bacteria inside the digestive system. A strong balanced microbiome is essential for a good immune system and a good balanced immune system is essential to fight allergy. Allergies are an over-reaction to certain substances. Rebalancing the immune system with a raw diet is a great start.

If your pet has skin allergies I recommend:
  • Start feeding Raw
  • Add Essential Oils e.g. Flax Oil a teaspoon or two to each meal
  • Shampoo in a Mild e.g. Aloe and Oatmeal shampoo once or twice weekly
  • Add a Probiotic to the diet e.g. Kefir or Pet Plus and others Read more about kefir from Dr Habib

Food allergies I approach exactly the same with some extra steps if you do not see a rapid (relatively give it a few weeks)
Try feeding novel - proteins in the diet - things they have not been fed before perhaps venison, rabbit or pork for a month, if you see an improvement then experiment with one new protein at a time, turkey for a week, then lamb etc.

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