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Recommended Sites to learn more about natural Feeding of Pets
Raw Meaty Bones - Tom Lonsdale

Raw meaty bones promote pet health, human health, the human economy and natural environment. Nowadays Dr Lonsdale's inspirational articles, books, radio shows and TV segments help thousands of pets, pet owners and the wider community gain immense benefits.
Back in the early 1990s Australian veterinarians Drs Tom Lonsdale, Breck Muir and Alan Bennett introduced a simple idea with profound global implications:
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Honeys Real Dog Food

Jonathon Self and his colleagues are one of the first companies in the UK to produce raw foods. Their website is a font of knowledge
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Perfectly Rawsome
A very comprehensive guide to raw feeding from America
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The Raw Feeding Veterinary Society
A British Based Group of Veterinary Surgeons teaching and researching in to Raw Feeding.
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