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The Golden RulesofFeeding Raw

The Golden Rules of Feeding Raw Food

Stop feeding all other Foods

Mixing them can cause digestive problems. We advise against a gradual transition

Start with Minces

Then work on to Bones after a couple of weeks
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Feed a Combination of Bones, Meats, Tripe & Offals

Not necessarily all at one meal but over a week or so

Feed a Variety of Different Meats

over a week or so -
Gives a better balance of nutrients

Never Give Cooked Bones

They do not digest can cause obstructions, break teeth

Follow sensible Food Hygiene Precautions

All Raw meats have some bacterial contamination
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Feed the correct size Bones for your pet

ASK US smaller softer bones are generally recommended

Feed the correct amount for the size of pet

See our guidelines but always vary depending on you pets individual requirements if her weight changes.

Do not worry it need not be complicated

If you can feed you and your human family you can feed your animals Read all the information here but do not get bogged now in the detail.
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We are here to help

Please contact our veterinary trained staff if you need help
That's what we are here for…

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