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Make you own Bone Broth

Bone Broth for Dogs and Cats

Bone broth can have a calming effect because it contained these high levels of glycine, which is converted into serine by the brain, which is +A neurotransmitter that reduces stress and improves mood.

Bone broth has great amounts of proline which is proven to reduce the build up of cholesterol in the body.
Bone broth contains lots of gelatine which is released from the bones during the cooking process. Gelatine is an amazing substance which is actually a hydrophilic protein which aids digestion & improves skin health.

Bone broth is a powerhouse for arthritis & joint issues because it is loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, this is the holy trinity for joint care.

Bone broth is perfect for all animals but is especially useful with the young, old or infirm or sickly as it delivers such a nutritional punch.

Bone broth is also rich in calcium, magnesium & collagen. It also contains good amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin B12, potassium & iron.

And finally… To a dog or cat, a puppy or kitten, it tastes mighty fine indeed, you can serve it frozen or defrost and add to their meal to pack in a really valuable and natural supplement!
7 bones in each tub

Bone Broth Recipe

By the Raw Paw's Chef Michael Morgan

How to make Bone Broth 1
Bone broth can easily be made following the instructions below.
It is used in many ways, in particular if you pet has a upset tummy: sickness and diarrhoea then introduce some.

BONE BROTH.... I am going to show you how to make bone broth at home.

Ingredients you will need for this recipe are

  • 2x beef mini marrow bones,
  • 5x chicken/duck wings
  • 200g x chicken/turkeyv neck,
  • 2x springs of rosemary,
  • 1x bulb of garlic &
  • 1x lemon

How to make Bone Broth 2
Place all the bones/meat into a large pan leaving out the lemon garlic and rosemary at this point,
Then place on high heat to bring to the boil.
How to make Bone Broth 3
As it comes to the boil you will see grey foam form at the top skim all of this using a ladle, once all fat and foam has been removed then add the rosemary garlic and lemon.
If you added this at the start you would have skimmed a lot of rosemary out and some garlic. Now leave to simmer for 3 hours.
How to make Bone Broth 1
After 3 hours has passed enough goodness and flavours would have been taken from our ingredients now strain into a fresh pan and discard the bones
(don’t give these to your dogs) if you have a fine sieve (chinois) then use that if not any sieve is fine.
Now return to a high heat to reduce your liquid.
When it has reduced to a nice full bodied stock then take off the heat and cool.
You can add it to some moulds and freeze and remove a portion daily. If chilled it should be a nice jelly like this:
Raw Paw Stroes Bone Broth
BONE BROTH!!!.... This is our finished bone broth that has been frozen and can be added straight from the freezer to our dogs meals. Guys I will be adding some of these to your orders free of charge for your dogs to try.
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Home made using Organic Cow's Milk & Organic Fruit. Our Kefir grains have been exclusively fed organic milk during their lifetime. 

  • Available in 9 different flavours.
  • Serve Frozen
  • 7 Day Supply
  • Deliciously Nutritious
Peanut Butter and jelly Kefir
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is packed full of nutrition, it has plentiful & equal amounts of Calcium & Phosphorus and is a great source of vitamin B12, Riboflavin (B2), vitamin D & magnesium.
A wide variety of bioactive compounds including organic acids & peptides.
Kefir is a much more powerful probiotic than any yoghurt! 
Our Kefir contains over 30 strains (and probably more) of powerful, good bacteria & friendly yeasts, making it very rich a diverse probiotic source. also ideal for helping to treat 'yeasty dogs'.

Kefir has potent antibacterial qualities, Kefir contains the probiotic lactobacillus kefir, which is unique to kefir & studies show that it can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria including salmonella, E coli & helicobacter pylori. as well as containing kefiran which ca also protect against harmful bacteria's.
Kefir helps to improve bone health because it is rich in both calcium, phosphorus & vitamin K2. Vitamins K2 plays a major role in calcium metabolism and studies have proved an 81% reduction in fractures when supplementing with it. kefir also helps to improve bone density.

Kefir can help balance the gut and can help with all sorts of digestive disorders such as IBS, diverticular disease & Crohns. Kefir repopulates the gut with Healthy bacteria & Yeast.

Kefir has been studied animals and has proved to be effective in reducing inflammatory reactions/allergies because it affect the gut microbiome in a positive way giving a more varied population of friendly bacteria and other microbes. See more reading links.
Kefir improves the immune system. A massive 70% of the immune system is housed in the gut, the aggressive yet very friendly bacteria with kefir contains will replenish a gut.

Kefir helps with yeast issues Because it contains lots of strains of friendly yeast which will overcome the bad yeast causing the issues.
Alexanders Natural are a family run business.
They try their best to produce the best, highest quality natural treats for your pooches and kitties. We always keep in mind the health of our furry customers, so everything we produce is aimed at healthy snacks that pack a punch.

They are DEFRA approved and all oproduce is biologically tested, to ensure that it is nothing but a pleasant experience for you and your pet. Our chefs produce our products from their own cultures, that have been in the family for a long time. The kefir we produce using heirloom grains have been scientifically tested for probiotic and healthy yeast cultures, and we can proudly put that on our labels.
Take a look through our produce, we produce bone broth, healthy dehydrated treats and a natural bug repellent Bugzilla also. We aim to provide the best, highest quality produce that has a purpose.
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